Relationship-centered care

We do our work via our relationships. This includes relationships with patients, colleagues, nurses, physician assistants, other professionals, and institutional leadership. Those relationships may be brief and relatively limited in scope or longitudinal and quite deeply involving. Trust, respect, integrity, empathy, and affective engagement are among the reciprocal duties of participants in healthcare relationships; when our relationship are not working, we must reestablish these elements. Our relationships are key to the well-being not only of patients but of everyone in the healthcare web.

Begin to understand healthcare relationships with Relationship-centered Care; A Constructive Reframing, by Mary Catherine Beach and authors from the Relationship-centered Care Research Network in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2006;21:S3-8 and An Endangered Ethic - the Capacity for Caring by Marin A. Adson in Mayo Clinic Proceedings 1995;70:495-500.