"Wait...What??!!" moments - a bibliography

First a note - the articles I cite are not necessarily the definitive or signal articles on subjects in the “Wait…What??!!” blog notes. Rather, they are the gates that I have chosen to swing open for your entry. The bibliographies of these articles or a World of Science search can lead you to broader or more focused sources as you like. I hope this issue has piqued your interest!

Relationship-centered care. Beach, et al. Relationship-centered care; A Constructive Reframing. J Gen Intern Med 2006;21:S3-8. (This IS the seminal article!)

Cognitive load & Slowing down. Royce et al. Teaching Critical Thinking: A Case for Instruction in Cognitive Biases to Reduce diagnostic Errors and Improve Patient Safety. Acad Med 2019;94:187-194 and St-Martin et al. Teaching the Slowing-down Moments of Operative Judgment. Surg Clin N Am 2012;92:125-135.

Professional Identity. Chow, et al. A Conceptual Model for Understanding Academic Physicians’ Performances of Identity; findings From the University of Utah. Acad Med 2018;93:1539-1549.

Deliberate practice. Ericsson. Deliberate Practice and Acquisition of Expert Performance: A General Overview. Acad Emerg Med 2008;15:988-994.

Kindness. Hatem et al. The Educational Attributes and Responsibilities of Effective Medical Educators. Acad med 2011;86:474-480.

For a handy practical reference in dealing with lapses in professionalism, see the Table at page 258 and discussion in the chapter “When Things Go Wrong: The Challenge of Self-Regulation” in Levinson et al. Understanding Medical Professionalism. Lange/McGraw-Hill Education 2014.

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